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Non-Profit Growth Hacking: Part 3 of 3

We set lofty goals because for over a decade Salesforce has consistently allowed us to meet them.  So in this session, you'll take what you learned in The How and showcase a fully functioning volunteer, donor, and donation management platform for your organization! 

Session 3: The Unveiling

In session 3, you'll be able to showcase what you've developed as a novice Salesforce Admin! You'll 

What to Expect:

  1. Demo your org
  2. Get feedback from others on potential enhancements and 
  3. Advice from the DKC team on how to make those enhancements reality

Cost: Included with Session 2's deposit

If you attended Session 2 and Session 3, here's where you get your money back making the total cost to you net zero!

Why do we do this for free?

The DKC team realizes that so many NPOs don't even realize that this amazing system is available to them with little to no monetary investment.  Each year we look forward to hosting an opportunity to give back to our community and especially our NPO or For Impact friends! This is our thank you for the work that you do to make the world a better place. 


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Non-Profit Growth Hacking: Part 2 of 3