Define the process. Identify the gaps. Offer optimized solutions. Design the system. Implement the tool.
Train the users. Monitor the outcome. Enhance as needed. Repeat. 

In this age of rapidly changing technology, companies are embracing the idea that a technology project is never actually finished. There will be upgrades, new releases, and then ultimately a brand new technology disrupts the status quo.  At DKC we want to be the partner who helps you keep up.  


Cloud Applications Implementation

At Danny Kay Cloud, we specialize in migrating from exisiting systems, spreadsheets, or databases to cloud-based solutions.  Sometimes the migration is more of an implementation and integration with on-prem solutions and we can help with that as well. 



Training is key in the adoption of any new technology.  Users and new system administrators must feel empowered when using new systems.

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Business Process Improvement

We bring fresh eyes to your existing process and use our knowledge of this changing technical landscape to develop ways to make your process more efficent.