Suite of Solutions

Define the process. Identify the gaps. Offer optimized solutions. Design the system. Implement the tool.
Train the users. Monitor the outcome. Enhance as needed. Repeat. 

In this age of rapidly changing technology, companies are embracing the idea that a technology project is never actually finished. There will be upgrades, new releases, and then ultimately a brand new technology disrupts the status quo.  At DKC we want to be the partner who helps you keep up.  

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System adoption is highest when migrating from exisiting systems, spreadsheets, or databases to the platform has been built with the end users in mind. 



Training is key in the adoption of any new technology.  Users and new system administrators must feel empowered when using new systems.

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Business Process Improvement

We bring fresh eyes to your existing process and use our knowledge of this changing technical landscape to develop ways to make your process more efficent. 

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Switching legal teams from their current systems to a cloud-based platform allows them to securely  centralize matters, documents, and contract management.

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Businesses of all sizes face an emerging challenge: automation. Cloud-based applications dedicated to automating workflow allow a small business to function as one much larger. Large firms likewise benefit by relying on automation for key tasks which normally require increased manpower.

Danny Kay Cloud concentrates on the use of effective automation when diagnosing which applications will prove most successful for your firm. Capturing and tracking invoicing hours, activating tools which help to quickly respond to website inquiries, supply chain analysis and social media management  are among the many advantages of cloud application implementation.



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Your existing processes require a fresh perspective to remain efficient. Danny Kay Cloud’s knowledge of the changing technological landscape will provide just that in identifying and mending the gaps present in your organization.


Many companies have implemented the necessary technologies needed to benefit their operations. This is only the first step. Our business process improvement capability provides prescriptive analysis designed to guide your firm forward. Acquiring the necessary tools is the first step, understanding how to use them to max potential is equally important.

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Our Idea of a party?



Can we let you in on a little secret? Shhhh...Training doesn't have to be lame.

We can't tell you how many trainings we've sat through daydreaming, scrolling through our social media channels, counting all of the other ways we could be spending our time--like counting blades of grass. Who has time for that kind of misery?

Not us.  No thank you.

At DKC, we believe that the best way to ensure your administrators have the knowledge and skills to fully utilize the system, you have to add two "f" words to trainings. Fun and flexible. No sitting all day listening to a presenter drone on and on. No walking through a predictable, non-responsive checklist. Nope. That's not our style. We realize that there's no one way to train, so we tailor our training around your needs, modeling real-time solutions so your team can see how this adoption makes their job easier.  

We commit to leaving no employee behind. 

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Training is the key to the adoption of any new technology. We empower our clients to effectively utilize the solutions we’ve introduced by ensuring that they’ve mastered every layer of the process

Training Offerings

  • End-User Training -- We offer classroom and one-on-one training for your end users.  This training sets your users up for success by breaking down how to use the system specific to their role in the organization. Customized training is essential to the success of your implementation. 

  • Administrator Training -- While we enjoy engaging with our clients, we know that it's of the utmost importance to many companies to have someone on-staff who can maintain and provide some enhangements to the solutions we implement. We offer administrator training for that internal resource empowering them to take the platform and run with it. 



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