What's in a name?

Why Danny Kay?


With every engagement, we're always asked, "Where does Danny Kay Cloud come from?"  Here is a bit of DKC history:

For several years, close friends and colleagues encouraged Krystal to go out on her own and start a Salesforce practice. For years, she shunned the idea, as Risk wasn't a game for which she had ever acquired a taste.  However she reached a point where she had clients who were committed to following her, and she realized, she had to give them a place to land.

She decided to take the risk, but in order to guarantee its success, she knew she'd have to give it a name that would drive her to strive for perfection. Krystal wanted a name that meant that her company would have to live up to the highest level of integrity, but also have a lot of fun along the way. Consequently, she decided that no name other than that of her father would set the bar so incredibly high. Danny Kay ensures that this team will always strive for greatness. 

Danny Kay Carter  a man of utmost integrity  

Danny Kay Carter
a man of utmost integrity