Salesforce Trailhead turned this future lawyer into a citizen developer

This week, we spoke with Krystal Carter, President, Chief Cloud Enthusiast, Danny Kay Cloud, about how she went from aspirations to being an attorney to owning her own cloud consulting company, and her advice for others looking to kick-start their career in the digital economy. 

Prior to working in tech what did you do for a living? What made you want to switch careers?

I was a communication and political science major in college and my goal was to go to law school. At the time, I was working as an admin for the marketing department at a medical waste company. When my company merged with another company that was using Salesforce as a glorified rolodex, my boss asked me to help figure out how to use it, solely because he knew that I was good with computers. And that was it. I was hooked at first login and I stopped thinking about law school, and I dove head first into a career in tech

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